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Here you'll find the latest news on Traffic Lab. As an affiliate business, Traffic Lab regularly attends iGaming conferences across the world. Our colleagues also frequently attend profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Furthermore, our news page contains updates from office life, such as excerpts from our yearly summer tour or industry press coverage. There's always something happening at Traffic Lab!

News article published 10th of October 2019
TrafficLab News - A Gazelle in the Heart of Copenhagen

A Gazelle in the Heart of Copenhagen

As a business it's always nice to get acknowledgement from the corporate world. After all, running a successful organization takes a lot of hard work and dedication!

This year, we’re able to celebrate yet another milestone here at Traffic Lab: We’ve received a Børsen Gazelle Award!

We’re all extremely happy for this recognition of our tremendous growth over the past year, and we can only feel grateful to have our colleagues around us who makes all of this possible.

It’s amazing what we can achieve as a team!

About Børsen Gazelle 2019

  • A Gazelle is a company that, during four financial years each year, has seen positive growth and, overall, at least doubled its turnover over the four years.
  • The final winner of the competition will be chosen on the 10th of December 2019.
  • You can read more about the Gazelle here (page is in Danish)

To Roam freely

There’s no doubt for us that this year’s Gazelle Award will be the first leap of many for our business. Like the gazelle, however, we like to roam freely. There are no external investors in Traffic Lab, and no growth targets or annual cycles.

We prefer to see our growth as nothing more than pleasant bi-effect being an innovative business with a strong company culture – but pleasant it is!

News article published 1313th of September 2019
TrafficLab News - A Special Call from Ernst & Young

A Special Call from Ernst & Young

Our CEO Sebastian received a phone call from non-other than the multinational accounting firm Ernst & Young. Fortunately, it was nothing but great news!

As one of the few companies in Denmark, Traffic Lab has been nominated for the prestigious award as Entrepreneur of the Year. This is not only a tremendous pat on our shoulder, but also a recognition of our unique business culture and way of life.

We hope that we will qualify for the next round in the competition and get a step closer to the award. However, no matter the outcome, this is certainly a source of motivation for the future to come, and a recognition that we are heading in the right direction.

About E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year

• Entrepreneur of the Year is the largest competition for growth companies in the world.
• The winner is chosen on behalf of several parameters such as values, leadership and economic growth.
• The company must have experienced at least 15% growth in turnover or gross profit compared to the previous fiscal year.
• The final winner of the competition will be chosen on the 28th of November 2019.

Keep your fingers crossed and your fists bumping for us!
News article published 27th of August 2019
TrafficLab News - Tall Drinks and Blue Waves!

Tall Drinks and Blue Waves!

Recently we threw the annual Traffic Lab summer party to celebrate our hard work this past year and keep the team spirit strong.

We began the day with a communal breakfast followed by nothing less than a cocktail mixing course, where everyone gave everything they had in them in order to win the desirable cocktail trophy.

After the last cocktails were shaken and stirred, next on our agenda was a boat trip around Øresund. Everyone was cheering as the boat left Nyhavn and set out for Flakfortet, where our team was able to enter land and explore the abandoned military facilities.

Back on the boat we were served a lovely Danish lunch with beer on the side, and after having explored Flakfortet, we sailed back to the harbor of Copenhagen in excellent spirits.

Every item on the agenda was cheerfully received and the weather couldn’t have been better. Our adventurous day ended with dinner at a restaurant by the pier.

We are already looking forward to next year’s summer party!
News article published 19th of June 2019
TrafficLab News - PHP super heroes!

PHP super heroes!

Daniel and Wayand from Traffic Lab’s tech team recently took a trip to Berlin where they participated in the International PHP Conference (IPC) on 03-07 June 2019.

In between enjoying the sunny Berlin streets and networking at the conference, Daniel and Wayand had the opportunity to participate in code-workshops and enjoy talks on PHP and MySQL from more than 50 speakers and experts. The magic of open-source programming is still alive!

About the IPC 2019

The International PHP Conference was originally the world’s first conference on PHP, and it’s still by far the largest. Using WordPress for a lot of our sites, of course Traffic Lab didn’t wanna miss out!

The IPC 2019 was primarily concerned with PHP, web development, JavaScript, Web architecture, performance and security. Besides from this, the ticket to IPC also granted access to the Webinale conference on web development and UX Design. What’s not to like??


While the IPC 2019 did not have any specific overall theme (other than PHP programming, of course), there were topics from that Daniel and Wayand found particularly interesting. These included:

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) updates
  • Recent additions to MySQL
  • Talks on how to secure your API with JSON Web Tokens
Of course, another big subject of the IPC was the release of the alpha 1 version of PHP 7.4.0 which is expected to make PHP perform significantly faster. Exciting times are ahead!

News article published 29th of May 2019
TrafficLab News - Learning with the best at EGR Power Affiliates!

Learning with the best at EGR Power Affiliates!

This month Traffic Lab participated for the first time in the annual EGR Power Affiliates in Marbella, Spain. It was an exclusive get-together with some of the best affiliates in the iGaming industry. We learned a lot about current trends and saw inspiring panel debates, not to mention the interesting conversations with other affiliates.

We’re already looking forward to the next EGR Power Affiliates!

After a great event we’re already looking forward to the year ahead. We want to to remain among the top igaming affiliates in Europe and hopefully we’ll take part of the 2020 EGR Power Affiliates!