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Here you'll find the latest new on Traffic Lab. We regularly attend iGaming conferences across the world, and can often be found at profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Our news page also contains updates on office life, industry press coverage, and award-nominations. There’s always something happening at Traffic Lab!

News article published 13th of May 2020
TrafficLab News - Reopening of the office

Reopening of the office

The quarantine has come to an end and Denmark is slowly starting to reopen. After two months at our home offices, the office at Bredgade is almost running on full steam again.

Even though it has been two very different months it has also been two educational months. The coronavirus has created opportunities and made it possible to rethink workflows and processes.

It's great to see all the familiar faces again and just being able to eat a nice lunch with a colleague feels splendid. We are also welcoming new colleges as we continue to grow and as a result of this, we're looking into options about expanding the office.

Most of us have already moved our workstations from home to the office at Bredgade and we're all adjusting to the everyday life of a post-pandemic world.

We hope that everybody has gotten through the pandemic without too many challenges and is safe and healthy.

News article published 20th of April 2020
TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab ranks 17th on the EGR Power Affiliates 2020

Traffic Lab ranks 17th on the EGR Power Affiliates 2020

The annual EGR Power Affiliates has been announced and we are happy to announce that we rank 17th this year!

EGR Power Affiliates 2020 shines a light on the 25 most successful affiliate businesses in the global gambling industry and evaluates each company in five specific areas, including commercial success, appetite for M&A and compliance procedures.

This year has been challenging so far, not just for us but for iGaming companies around the world. Increased regulations affecting some of our key markets and a new Google algorithm are just some of the obstacles that have come our way, not to mention a health crisis affecting large parts of the world. Regardless, we have been able to adjust and thrive.

We are very proud of all our colleagues who have made this achievement possible. We are always ready for new challenges and are thrilled to see where the next journey will take us.

News article published 27th of March 2020
TrafficLab News - 2 Weeks Quarantine Extension – We are ready!

2 Weeks Quarantine Extension – We are ready!

COVID-19 has taken its toll on global society. In Denmark, the government is doing what they can to stop the virus from spreading and has chosen to prolong the already existing quarantine until the 13th of April. This also means that Traffic Lab’s office at Bredgade will remain closed and we will continue working from home.

By now we have been working from home for two weeks and the whole situation taken into account, we are doing very well. It has been comforting to experience how our organization continues to function despite the new surroundings, and so far there haven't been a problem that we have not been able to solve.

Most of us have already moved our workstations from Bredgade to our home to get as comfortable as possible. We are in good spirit, open for business, and ready for another two weeks of home office.

We hope that every part of the world will do their job to help bring this pandemic under control.

Stay home and healthy everyone!
News article published 12th of March 2020
TrafficLab News - Update regarding Coronavirus in Denmark

Update regarding Coronavirus in Denmark

As of 11.03.2020, there were 514 cases of contamination with Covid-19 in Denmark. In light of this, the Danish Government has issued guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus. As of now, the guidelines have the following impact on the public:

  • All non-essential public personnel is sent home
  • All public institutions (including schools, institutions, and libraries) are shut down
  • All private businesses are encouraged to send their employees home

Following the recommendations of the Danish Government, Traffic Lab’s office at Bredgade will be shutting down from 12.03.20 to 30.03.20. We continue working from our homes and follow the latest developments.

Fortunately for us, we’re a digital business, and thus in no way as affected as many other Danish businesses are. The majority of us will be able to continue work without any serious obstructions, and we expect to be as responsive as always to our business partners.

We hope that we can all help each other bring this pandemic under control very soon.

Stay healthy everyone!

News article published 21st of Febuary 2020
TrafficLab News - Winners go to Aspen!

Winners go to Aspen!

It’s never boring to work at Traffic Lab. Not least due to the many exciting competitions hosted by our business partners!

Recently we were at it again: Bethard Group launched a competition for creating as much traffic as possible for Bethard’s brands between 15th of December till 15th of February 2020. We accepted the challenge and won a trip to Toronto and Aspen for two!

Given that the generation of the handsome number of leads to Bethard was a team effort entirely, we only saw it fair to draw lots for the 2 tickets. So it happened that Per from Tech and Morten from Graphics hit the numbers and won this good-looking Bethard-adventure:

  • Flight from London – Toronto – Aspen – London
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a double room in Toronto, and 3 nights’ accommodation double room in Aspen
  • 1 NHL game with a meet and greet with the players from Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 1 NBA game in Toronto
  • 2 days of skiing in Aspen, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Morten and Per are looking forward to 6 days full of fun and excitement. Last time out skiing was more than 10 years ago for both of them, so their skills will be put to the test. However, both are quite big fans of NHL and have followed the Danish hockey league for some years, so they are looking very much forward to the meet and greet.

Big congratulations to Morten and Per and once again thanks to Bethard Group for the event!

You can read more about the competition and see the leaderboard here