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Here you will find the latest new on Traffic Lab. We regularly attend iGaming conferences and events across the world and can often be spotted at profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Our news page also contains updates on office life, industry press coverage, and award-nominations. There’s always something new bubbling at Traffic Lab!

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01 TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab wins Børsen Gazelle 2020!

News article published 12th of November 2020

Traffic Lab wins Børsen Gazelle 2020!

We are extremely happy to announce that we have earned Børsen Gazelle for the second year in a row!

Gazelle is a prize that is awarded to a company that has been able to double its turnover over a four-year period. For over 25 years Børsen has identified the fastest growing companies in Denmark with Gazelle statutes, and we at Traffic Lab are very proud to be recognized as one of most prominent growth companies of the Danish business community for the second time.

2020 has definitely been a special year, not just for Traffic Lab but for every other company in the whole world as well. COVID–19 has demanded all of us to adjust into the new realities and challenged the companies across all industries to find new creative ways to sustain growth in these unusual and unpredictable times.

At Traffic Lab we are fortunate because the formula for transformation has been coded into the DNA of our company since the day one. Agility – the ability to shift and change – is what we consider to be our main virtue as a company. Throughout the 6 years that Traffic Lab has been in operation this nature of a chameleon has allowed us to navigate the everchanging and dynamic environment of iGaming, and it has also been a reason why we have been able to adjust swiftly when the corona virus arrived in Denmark in early 2020. In addition to the inherent agility, our core value of unity has certainly been a key strength in defying the adversities of the pandemic era. It has never been more important to join forces for creating success together than today!

Reflecting on the systemic changes that have taken place this year, it’s fair to say that winning the Gazelle for the second time in 2020 makes this victory even more valuable for us. This recognition certainly motivates us to trust our mission and keep working for realizing our vison every day.

Cheers to us, and all the other fellow companies that keep on flourishing despite the challenges along the way!

02 TrafficLab News - Esko Rissanen joins Traffic Lab

News article published 11th of September 2020

Esko Rissanen joins Traffic Lab

Traffic Lab is proud to announce that Esko Rissanen has been appointed to take the lead of the Traffic Lab Accounts team as of 1st of August 2020. In his role as Head of Accounts he will be responsible for managing and developing the Accounts team, optimizing and diversifying revenue channels as well as identifying new market opportunities.

“We’ve had Esko in our scope for quite some time, and he will certainly make our partnerships even stronger with his specific focus in operators. With his sympathetic nature and empathic leadership style he has quickly become an organic part of the team.”

– Peter Gunni, Chief Marketing Officer

Rissanen has strong and diverse work experience within the Digital Marketing and eCommerce industries from various positions in sales management and business development. In addition Rissanen brings with him a solid experience of working in the nexus of affiliate operations and igaming from his previous position as the Head of Affiliates for Gaming Innovation Group (GiG).

“I’m super excited about joining Traffic Lab. We are one of the fastest growing EGR Power Affiliates and intend to keep doing so. Upper management and the team are rock solid and I’m looking forward to contributing my part of this journey with them.”

– Esko Rissanen, Head of Affiliates

Traffic Lab warmly welcomes Esko Rissanen onboard – we are looking forward to working and spending good times together!

03 TrafficLab News - Reopening of the office

News article published 13th of May 2020

Reopening of the office

The quarantine has come to an end and Denmark is slowly starting to reopen. After two months at our home offices, the office at Bredgade is almost running on full steam again.

Even though it has been two very different months it has also been two educational months. The coronavirus has created opportunities and made it possible to rethink workflows and processes.

It's great to see all the familiar faces again and just being able to eat a nice lunch with a colleague feels splendid. We are also welcoming new colleges as we continue to grow and as a result of this, we're looking into options about expanding the office.

Most of us have already moved our workstations from home to the office at Bredgade and we're all adjusting to the everyday life of a post-pandemic world.

We hope that everybody has gotten through the pandemic without too many challenges and is safe and healthy.

04 TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab ranks 17th on the EGR Power Affiliates 2020

News article published 20th of April 2020

Traffic Lab ranks 17th on the EGR Power Affiliates 2020

The annual EGR Power Affiliates has been announced and we are happy to announce that we rank 17th this year!

EGR Power Affiliates 2020 shines a light on the 25 most successful affiliate businesses in the global gambling industry and evaluates each company in five specific areas, including commercial success, appetite for M&A and compliance procedures.

This year has been challenging so far, not just for us but for iGaming companies around the world. Increased regulations affecting some of our key markets and a new Google algorithm are just some of the obstacles that have come our way, not to mention a health crisis affecting large parts of the world. Regardless, we have been able to adjust and thrive.

We are very proud of all our colleagues who have made this achievement possible. We are always ready for new challenges and are thrilled to see where the next journey will take us.

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