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Here you'll find the latest new on Traffic Lab. We regularly attend iGaming conferences across the world, and can often be found at profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Our news page also contains updates on office life, industry press coverage, and award-nominations. There’s always something happening at Traffic Lab!

News article published 21st of Febuary 2020
TrafficLab News - Winners go to Aspen!

Winners go to Aspen!

It’s never boring to work at Traffic Lab. Not least due to the many exciting competitions hosted by our business partners!

Recently we were at it again: Bethard Group launched a competition for creating as much traffic as possible for Bethard’s brands between 15th of December till 15th of February 2020. We accepted the challenge and won a trip to Toronto and Aspen for two!

Given that the generation of the handsome number of leads to Bethard was a team effort entirely, we only saw it fair to draw lots for the 2 tickets. So it happened that Per from Tech and Morten from Graphics hit the numbers and won this good-looking Bethard-adventure:

  • Flight from London – Toronto – Aspen – London
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a double room in Toronto, and 3 nights’ accommodation double room in Aspen
  • 1 NHL game with a meet and greet with the players from Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 1 NBA game in Toronto
  • 2 days of skiing in Aspen, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Morten and Per are looking forward to 6 days full of fun and excitement. Last time out skiing was more than 10 years ago for both of them, so their skills will be put to the test. However, both are quite big fans of NHL and have followed the Danish hockey league for some years, so they are looking very much forward to the meet and greet.

Big congratulations to Morten and Per and once again thanks to Bethard Group for the event!

You can read more about the competition and see the leaderboard here

News article published 4th of Febuary 2020
TrafficLab News - Greetings from SEOday 2020!

Greetings from SEOday 2020!

SEO is a complex and volatile field and the competition within the iGaming industry is tough. As a result, our SEO team always makes it a priority to stay updated within their field. For this reason, Claus, Kasandra, and Katarina took a ride to Jutland to participate in SEOday 2020.

The SEOday 2020 conference was held at Comwell in Kolding, Denmark, on the 29th of January 2020. About 350 people from many different companies participated, and more than 20 acknowledged speakers from Denmark and abroad presented their thoughts about the SEO industry in 2020 and beyond.

SEOday has been taking place for some years now. This year’s conference was mainly focused on adapting existing SEO methods and technologies to new challenges and algorithm updates. Furthermore, the event presented practical and strategic examples of SEO business cases.

The main takeaways for our SEO team were:
• Featured snippet & Schema Mark-ups
• SEO Competitor Benchmarking
• TF-IDF analysis
• Internal Linkbuilding

News article published 31st of January 2020
TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab sells Danish SEO sites

Traffic Lab sells Danish SEO sites

From the 1st of February, Traffic Lab will no longer own their Danish SEO sites after selling them to Game Lounge.

The choice to sell the Danish SEO sites is made to focus on other brands in Traffic Lab’s portfolio. This includes long-standing brands such as www.kasinohai.com and www.casinobernie.com. In addition to expand into new markets such as the United States and Romania.

“The decision to sell our Danish SEO assets has been on the table for some time, as we always try to expand into other profitable markets. The sale will free up more manpower and funds for future projects.” explains CEO & Co-Founder Sebastian Agerskov.

The Danish SEO-sites have achieved great results over the years and rank on several high-value keywords, making them dominant on the Danish market.

“As a Denmark-based company we have always had the Danish market close to our heart and the performance of the sites has been satisfying. However, we believe the future for the company lies outside the Danish borders and we are looking forward to increase our attention on other larger and potentially more profitable markets in and outside of the European union.” He further explains.

The takeover of the Danish SEO-sites will be the 1st of February and Game Lounge will take full control of all assets associated with the websites except existing deals with casino operators.

Traffic Lab is an affiliation company that manages several casino sites across Europe and North America and was recently nominated for the EGR Nordic 2020 Awards.

For more information:

Toke Joensen, Chief Sites Officer


+45 26 78 67 50 (Company phone)

News article published 24th of January 2020
TrafficLab News - LAC & ICE Totally Gaming 2020 Runner-Up

LAC & ICE Totally Gaming 2020 Runner-Up

2020 will bring many new and exciting developments for the iGaming industry. In such a fast-paced business culture it’s important to have steady anchor points. Such an anchor point has been the LAC for the entire lifetime of Traffic Lab, and of course, we will be going again this year!

iGB Affiliate London is one of the world’s largest iGaming affiliate events, and it seems that 2020 will be more spectacular than ever with a dazzling array of exhibitors and an all-time high number of participants. Traffic Lab is sending a delegation of four which will include members of both our Account and Marketing teams.

Our goals for this year’s LAC is to meet up with new and existing partners alike, but in particular to find business partners who are active in the US market, as we have just launched our brand new comparison site for New Jersey. We’re sure we will succeed!

However, this is not all! Asides from the LAC, we are sending three members of our Content and Graphics teams to the adjoining ICE Totally Gaming conference. Here, game developers from all over the world will display their newest inventions. The purpose of our participation is inspiration and networking.

The LAC is taking place on 5-8 of February 2020, and Ice Totally Gaming on 4-6 of February. Both conferences are hosted at Excel London, UK. If you would like to meet Traffic Lab at either conference, feel free to drop us an e-mail!
News article published 10th of December 2019
TrafficLab News - Romanian Affiliate License for Traffic Lab

Romanian Affiliate License for Traffic Lab

Traffic Lab is pleased to announce that we have acquired a Romanian Class II Affiliate license and will begin to generate Romanian traffic by the beginning of 2020.

As affiliates we are always looking for new markets to explore, and with our license to operate in the beautiful and populous country of Romania, we feel confident that we have taken the first steps of a prosperous journey. The country is in steady economic growth and with nearly 20 million citizens it will prove an interesting venue for both Traffic Lab and our partners.

Our first order of business will be the launch of a Romanian version of our popular website CasinoBernie.com This will be followed up by a brand-new site with a conceptual design suited for the Romanian market.

We look forward to presenting our new Romanian sites to you at the beginning of 2020. With our newly acquired New Jersey license also taken into account, it looks like the coming year will be even busier than 2019. We’re definitely going to need some extra coffee in the office!