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Here you will find the latest news on Traffic Lab. We regularly attend iGaming conferences and events across the world and can often be spotted at profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Our news page also contains updates on office life, industry press coverage, and award-nominations. There’s always something new bubbling at Traffic Lab!

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01 TrafficLab News - We got shortlisted – AGAIN!

News article published 27th of September 2021

We got shortlisted – AGAIN!

It’s not a secret that at Traffic Lab we are very passionate about iGaming and we take pride in the daily work we have done over years now. We do become a little extra proud every time we get to see the impact of our efforts. Today we celebrate the fact of getting shortlisted for the EGR Operator Awards that will be given out on the 25th of November this year. The awards are “celebrating the giants” of the industry and we are extremely proud to be nominated in more than one category:

• Affiliate of the year
• Marketing campaign 
• Casino affiliate

We not only provide the players in this very competitive industry, we also see challenges as catalysts of innovation and this process is in constant evolution to which we contribute to on a daily basis. We feel very honored and humbled to have received these nominations, as we are shortlisted alongside big names of the industry. here.

The entire Traffic Lab team is celebrating this announcement, also we are crossing fingers to bring the awards home and of course wishing the best of luck to the other nominees as well.

Apart from this exciting news, we are also entering a new season with fantastic industry events in the Netherlands and Malta. We will be posting more about it on our Social Media, get a glimpse of the events together with us!

02 TrafficLab News - Creating a new concept at work

News article published 2nd of September 2021

Creating a new concept at work

The connection between employment and well-being is important for us. It goes beyond organizational performance; we are more interested in creating a space where people can develop professionally, but also in a social matter and this is why we have created the idea of a knowledge day. It is a space where we can learn from external speakers and team-building workshops developed by ourselves once per month at the office. “It is not a course but a new idea that aims to bring up Traffic Lab working culture” says Heidi Thisgaard, our head of Human Resources.

This monthly meeting that will take place at the office is inspired by finding ways to address the after-pandemic effects on employees. In fact, according to the World Happiness Report the future of work is employee well-being , which means implementing initiatives that can enhance flexibility, trust and sense of belonging. This can be a buffer during stressful situations, it helps to ease the feeling of loneliness that might have started during the first lockdown of the pandemic.

On our second knowledge day edition, we will welcome Maj Bjerre, an external speaker who will guide us on how to give and receive feedback. “An activity based on answers that we got after our first employee review or “MUS Samtale”, it is important to reinforce and/or learn better ways to communicate between us” Heidi added.

03 TrafficLab News - The EGR Power Affiliates 2021 have been revealed

News article published 11th of June 2021

The EGR Power Affiliates 2021 have been revealed

For the very first time, EGR in collaboration with the accountancy and business advisory firm BDO, have just complied the top 25 Power Affiliates of 2021. The brands listed here are considered as the online gambling industry’s most powerful and influential Igaming affiliates for the year in question, more even after the struggle experienced throughout the appearance of Covid-19 that brought up consumers stuck at home and eager for entertainment.

One of the key narratives for the structure for these annual rankings was the way digital business flourished after March 2020 and how casino gambling was not the exception. In fact, the brands were picked by BDO through the available finances of each company which were compared afterwards against the prior year. This process allowed ascertain a growth score. The final rankings were produced after EGR’s judgement using prior knowledge and understanding of the industry adding the growth score.

To be part of this list means that our Copenhagen-based firm is in good stead and we do our very best to keep on the great work.

04 TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab, one of the shortlisted nominees in the AGS Awards 2021

News article published 21st of May 2021

Traffic Lab, one of the shortlisted nominees in the AGS Awards 2021

This year continues surprising us with great news! We got shortlisted for the AGS awards under the category Best Advertiser of the Year which is a category that aims to highlight strategy, skill and creativity on companies that show a deep and meaningful understanding of their stakeholders. The Affiliate Grand Slam expo is a world-class event held in Dubai for three days starting the 24th of May 2021 with different registration events and networking activities. It is important to bear in mind that all the precautions will be adhered as Covid-19 is still a worldwide on-going factor.

The awards are a guide to the affiliate marketing industry with 150 expert speakers and more than 100 exhibitors recognized as best in the business. The event is expecting to welcome 3,000 delegates and it is going to be the first in-person event hosted by AGS teammates such as Sara Malo, Business Development Manager with 20 years of industry experience. Here you can find the AGS 2021 categories and nominees giving recognition to those whose work has created a positive impact on the industry.

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