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Here you'll find the latest new on Traffic Lab. We regularly attend iGaming conferences across the world, and can often be found at profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Our news page also contains updates on office life, industry press coverage, and award-nominations. There’s always something happening at Traffic Lab!

News article published 10th of December 2019
TrafficLab News - Romanian Affiliate License for Traffic Lab

Romanian Affiliate License for Traffic Lab

Traffic Lab is pleased to announce that we have acquired a Romanian Class II Affiliate license and will begin to generate Romanian traffic by the beginning of 2020.

As affiliates we are always looking for new markets to explore, and with our license to operate in the beautiful and populous country of Romania, we feel confident that we have taken the first steps of a prosperous journey. The country is in steady economic growth and with nearly 20 million citizens it will prove an interesting venue for both Traffic Lab and our partners.

Our first order of business will be the launch of a Romanian version of our popular website CasinoBernie.com This will be followed up by a brand-new site with a conceptual design suited for the Romanian market.

We look forward to presenting our new Romanian sites to you at the beginning of 2020. With our newly acquired New Jersey license also taken into account, it looks like the coming year will be even busier than 2019. We’re definitely going to need some extra coffee in the office!

News article published 6th of December 2019
TrafficLab News - Sigma 19: At the Heart of iGaming

Sigma 19: At the Heart of iGaming

Traffic Lab would like to thank all our friends and partners for making Sigma 2019 into something extraordinary.

This 6th edition of the Sigma Summit was held at Ta Qali in Malta; one of the absolute centers for the iGaming industry, and the home for many casino providers. The attendance number this year was high, and so were our expectations. However, we were not disappointed!

The Sigma Summit has been growing continuously over the past 5 years that it has taken place. Again this year the conference was bigger than ever, with more than 12500 attendees, 2500 affiliates, 400 exhibitors and 200 speakers. At Traffic Lab, we had also chosen to ”go large” for the conference, sending a total of 5 delegates from Sales, Marketing and Content.

Daniel, Kasper, Peter, Rasmus, and Toke enjoyed the sunny days Malta and were pleased by the overall high quality of the conference. Highlights for our team included some very productive partner meetings, establishing contact with several affiliate platform providers, and meeting legendary footballer Roberto Carlos in person!

No doubt, we will also be attending next years Sigma. See you there!
News article published 20th of November 2019
TrafficLab News - Popcorn and Marketing

Popcorn and Marketing

Last week Mads and Ian from our e-mail and SoMe teams went out to explore what’s moving within the field of eCommerce and attended a whole-day Marketing Brief-event hosted by Emil Kristensen from Sleeknote and Halfdan Timm from Obsidian Digital. This took place in a cinema and attendees could enjoy a cold soda and hot popcorn while expanding their field of knowledge. The event was focused on a wide variety of online marketing aspects and included practical tips and tricks about how to optimize user-experience on websites.

Part of staying on top of our field is to understand the newest trends and always strive to be ahead of the competition. This is exactly why we seize every opportunity when it comes to increasing knowledge within any of the fields that exist in our lab!

The main takeaways for Mads and Ian from the day was:

  • Structure of work processes
    • Optimizing work routines
    • Evaluation of work processes
  • Facebook’s Business Manager configuration
    • Do’s and Dont’s of Facebook’s Business Manager configuration
  • Surveying user experience
    • User cases
    • How to increase conversion
  • New digital marketing trends and Facebook trends

News article published 31st of October 2019
TrafficLab News - Liberty and Prosperity!

Liberty and Prosperity!

It is with great joy that we can announce that Traffic Lab has just been granted a New Jersey Vendors License. We look forward to exploring this new market and the opportunities that it holds.

When gambling in the US is concerned, Nevada is often the first state that comes to mind, but as far as online casino goes, only New Jersey and Pennsylvania have full legislation. It is worth to mention, however, that since the successful rollout of the New Jersey online gambling market, there has been a strong trend towards liberalization in other states as well.

Facts about New Jersey:

  • 8.9 million residents
  • Highest number of millionaires per capita in all of US (2018)
  • Frank Sinatra was born in New Jersey
  • New Jersey is home to the American football team New York Giants, which holds 4 Super Bowl titles
  • New Jersey’s state motto is “Liberty and Prosperity”

News article published 25th of October 2019
TrafficLab News - In English, Please!

In English, Please!

For an organization, sharing a vision or dream is essential to success. The foundation for this is a common language.

At our Copenhagen office, we at presently employ 5 foreign speaking colleagues, as well as a handful more non-native Danish speakers. As a consequence, we are proud to say that have chosen to change our official company language from Danish to English.

As affiliates, we are working with English-speaking partners on a daily basis and all us Danes get along fine, albeit with some of that famous ‘Danglish’ accent. And while the shift of language may occasionally cause some confusion, we all believe the benefits far outweighs the difficulties.

The most noteworthy change so far is that we have discarded the Danish version of our company site. Furthermore, all job postings will henceforth be in English. Plenty of Danish is still spoken at our office, but announcements are generally made in English, and whenever an English-speaking colleague is attending a meeting, we adapt.

Our heritage definitely has a role to play in making the transition easy. Traffic Lab was founded with a multicultural spirit, by Sebastian Agerskov (half Finnish – half Danish), and Toumas Jauhiainen (Finnish). From the beginning, it has been our vision to create a great place to work for everyone, regardless of their background and lifestyle. Now, this aspiration has simply been further manifested in the way we communicate.

Sharing language and vision, the journey continues - it’s amazing what we can achieve together!