Traffic Lab

Whistleblower Program

In line with the 's Whistleblower Directive and Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers, Traffic Lab has established a Whistleblower Program. This program allows Traffic Lab employees to anonymously report any concerns they may have regarding illegal or unethical behaviour within the company, without fear of reprisals.

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Traffic Lab Whistleblower Program

A safe Space for Reporting

We hope to create a proactive environment where employees feel comfortable reporting any significant legal violations, breaches of our ethical standards, or other serious matters.

Our Whistleblower Program is designed to complement our internal communication and openness within the organization. It's primarily meant for situations that are so serious that they can't be addressed through our regular management channels.


Here you can easily and safely report any concerns and you can read more incl. the Whistleblower Policy by following the link to our portal: