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01 TrafficLab News - Creating a new concept at work

News article published 2nd of September 2021

Creating a new concept at work

The connection between employment and well-being is important for us. It goes beyond organizational performance; we are more interested in creating a space where people can develop professionally, but also in a social matter and this is why we have created the idea of a knowledge day. It is a space where we can learn from external speakers and team-building workshops developed by ourselves once per month at the office. “It is not a course but a new idea that aims to bring up Traffic Lab working culture” says Heidi Thisgaard, our head of Human Resources.

This monthly meeting that will take place at the office is inspired by finding ways to address the after-pandemic effects on employees. In fact, according to the World Happiness Report the future of work is employee well-being , which means implementing initiatives that can enhance flexibility, trust and sense of belonging. This can be a buffer during stressful situations, it helps to ease the feeling of loneliness that might have started during the first lockdown of the pandemic.

On our second knowledge day edition, we will welcome Maj Bjerre, an external speaker who will guide us on how to give and receive feedback. “An activity based on answers that we got after our first employee review or “MUS Samtale”, it is important to reinforce and/or learn better ways to communicate between us” Heidi added.

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