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About Us

Traffic Lab was founded by Sebastian Agerskov and Tuomas Jauhiainen in 2013. Our business was originally focussed on the Scandinavian markets, but today it’s active across the world.

Tuomas and Sebastian met through the affiliate industry. At the time, the both of them were running their own companies dealing among other things with sales of magazines and lead generation, primarily in Finland. Together the two of them started to think internationally, and as time went by, the product catalogue also came to include online casino, mostly as an experiment.

Tuomas and Sebastian quickly realized that they’d found a gap in the market with online casino, and soon merged their businesses into what is Traffic Lab today. In this way, what began as an experiment developed into a successful entrepreneurial business.

Although Traffic Lab has long since outgrown the stage of a start-up project, it’s the intention that the experimental spirit will live on. We want a laboratory where there’s room to try out new things and to believe in what is different.

Traffic Lab was funded with equity capital. There are no external investors and no growth targets to be met on behalf of third parties.

As an autonomous business we don’t let annual cycles and quarterly plans dictate our everyday. Objectives and ambitions are plenty, but we don't hire people on the basis of Excel sheets in order to show off an attractive growth curve. Instead, we secure new and creative forces when the time is right.

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Flexibility and Passion

At Traffic Lab we aim to minimise bureaucracy and create a greater sense of joy in going to work for the individual. For this reason, our approach takes onset in a flat business structure. This gives us a flexible workflow with lots of interaction between colleagues: All tasks can be discussed freely between us, and everyone gets a chance to voice their opinion when it comes to decision making processes. After all, great ideas don’t depend on job titles!

Our flat business structure brings larger engagement on a day to day level. It enables us to follow our passions and even to try out new paths entirely. Hence today we have several colleagues who work in different departments to when they first started.

Being flexible doesn’t mean that there’s no backbone to our business. A clearly outlined structure helps us eliminate any unnecessary distractions on a daily level and makes us ever ready to deal with change. However, we consider our structure to be guiding rather than prescriptive.

We’re proud of the special atmosphere we’ve managed to create in our laboratory. People meet each other as equals and relationships between departments are good. The positive ambience at office is also very much due to the fact that we actively prioritise fun and social events.

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The Power of Teamwork

When we sign in at “the lab” we give each other a fist-bump and say good morning. Since we've grown, this has become a somewhat time-consuming process, but we still think it's worth it. This is because our morning greeting says a lot about the sense of teamwork we aspire for: With us there are no walls between departments, and no need for a management dictating the course of battle. This is possible because everyone are experts in their fields whilst at the same time dedicated team players. The motivation to do a good job for ourselves and each other is simply greater than the motivation to please a management board or an external client.

We consider our close collaboration to be the determining factor behind the great results we've managed to create so far. Behind each of our products lies a collaboration process that has involved several departments. Meetings often times end up with a different - and better – outcome than the one we had first imagined.

Chemistries Combined

At Traffic Lab we embrace diversity - also on a personal level. Our colleagues come from many different backgrounds and live very different lives. What we all have in common is honesty, empathy and respect for others.

On a professional level, too, we endeavour towards the unique. This applies to both our business as a whole as well as to our individual departments. In recruitment processes we tend to prefer candidates with some kind of expert knowledge, no matter how quirky it may be.

In brief, there's no such thing as a Traffic Lab uniform, neither when it comes to dress nor mentality. We believe that a laboratory operates the best when there are several chemistries in the mix!

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Professional Balance

‘Balance’ is an important word for us. Everyone needs to feel that there's a healthy balance between routine assignments and passion projects, as well as between work life and time off. We believe that this creates the best foundation for growth and creativity.

Our colleagues enjoy great freedom as well as great responsibility. There's always an assignment that one is looking forward to coming to work for, either because one thinks it's interesting or because one has the possibility to learn something new.

There are of course common work tasks that need to be lifted, and here we all do our part, regardless of titles. No task is too big or too small for anyone, but we’re good at showing consideration towards one another. This is something we achieve through dialogue, and there’s often a bubbly atmosphere in the “laboratory” where vivid conversation mixes with background music from our common music system.

"Our healthy work culture and innovative leadership lays the foundation for the results that makes Traffic Lab the best!"
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Foundation for Creativity

At Traffic Lab individual responsibility and the possibility to add one’s own touch to a project is accompanied by a non-competitive work environment. We’ll rather collaborate than sharpen our elbows. And there should to be room for producing great results as well as for learning new things within one’s field.

We want work life at Traffic Lab to be the foundation for a stress-free lifestyle. Thanks to a business structure that doesn't focus on individual performance, we experience very little overtime. On the other hand, we experience happy colleagues and innovative results.

The healthy work culture at Traffic Lab is supported by proper physical facilities including ergonomically correct working stations, stationary computers for all and the acquisition of whichever tools the individual may need. The social atmosphere of our laboratory is likewise actively supported by a foosball table and a TV lounge with Xbox. Moreover, we are very fond of our monthly after work Friday drinks as well as our annual excursions.

Our healthy work culture and innovative leadership lays the foundation for the results that makes Traffic Lab the best!

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Our Values



Whether it's a matter of optimizing our websites, creating new SoMe campaigns or testing out new products, it's a team effort. In this way it all becomes more fun as well as more evolving!



In our laboratory we love to try out new things. We are constantly experimenting with new technologies and always strive to put a unique mark on our products. Everyone’s ideas are heard and valued regardless of their job title.



Wellbeing and job satisfaction have high priority for us. The key word is ‘balance’ both when it comes to passion projects and routine tasks, as well as to work life and time off. We encourage a balanced lifestyle through proper physical settings and a positive work environment.