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Empowering the players!

Traffic Lab is a full-service marketing company specialized in iGaming. We represent our partnering iGaming companies through all viable digital marketing channels. We build comparison websites and tools to provide a better product selection and more transparency for the players worldwide.

The universe of iGaming may come off as ambiguous and cryptic. Our goal is to empower the players by providing them the best available tools and up-to-date information. We do this, because we believe that happy players keep coming back to our websites, using our products and features. And maybe even tell their friends about it.

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Digital experts with a creative edge

A Creative Laboratory in the Heart of Copenhagen

Traffic Lab employs an array of digital experts within fields ranging from programming and graphic design to SEO and SoMe. We develop all our solutions in-house and can therefore stand behind them fully. We are constantly developing and testing new concepts, and regularly add new product types to our portfolio. We are active across the entire globe and are always on the lookout for new markets to explore.

Our office is located at Bredgade in the center of Copenhagen. We like to keep it relaxed and informal here at our ‘lab’, both colleagues and departments in between. We work together as a team while inspiring one another but also challenging each other’s views, beliefs and practices. This is our deductive recipe for developing the state-of-the-art solutions that make us true visionaries in the industry.

Vision & Mission

Hold the vision, trust the mission

Our vision is to establish Traffic Lab as a front runner in the industry and succeed in building the next generation iGaming products that create true value for both players and providers. Consequently, our mission is to cultivate an exceptional work environment where the mixture of efficiency, technologies, creative powers and experiments help improve our underlying business strategy, and generate an inspiring atmosphere allowing professional and personal development for the people involved.

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Joining forces is the key to success!


Seeking shared success

Connecting, and creating genuine, long-lasting partnerships based on open dialogue and transparency are in the very core of our business. With our partners we share the unified business goals of creating volumes of quality traffic and increased revenue streams, and we believe that close cooperation - degree of unity- is the key for realizing our joined ambitions.


Data Driven





Greater than the sum of its parts

Traffic Lab brings together a bunch of diverse individuals with our distinct expertise and passions, ideas and characters, unified by our efforts of working towards creating something exceptional together. Feeding into the phenomenal group dynamics and smooth interaction we aim to create unity amongst different departments and individuals at Traffic Lab. This particular synergy means that Traffic Lab is more powerful as a unit than as the sum of its parts.


Social work and non-competitive environment

Employee development


Creative Freedom

Welcome to Traffic Lab

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Minimal bureaucracy

An Autonomous Business

Traffic Lab was funded with equity capital. In this sense we are independent as there are neither external investors nor growth targets to be met on behalf of third parties.

As an autonomous business, we don’t let annual cycles and quarterly plans dictate our everyday. Objectives and ambitions are plenty, but we don't hire people based on numbers on Excel sheets in order to show off an attractive growth curve. Rather, we secure new creative forces when the time is right and when it makes sense for us.

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Our Own Greatest Driving Force

Traffic Lab maintains partnerships with many of the world’s leading iGaming companies through affiliate marketing. We use our knowledge and technical expertise to get their brand into the hands of the players, and in turn we receive a commission.

We are an independent company. The affiliate model allows us a gracious amount of freedom in our work. We decide which projects to work on and how to approach them. There are no deadlines coming from outside and no external entities dictating our workflow.

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Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell

Affiliate Marketing step1

01: New Product

Brand owner has a product or service that they would like to promote

Affiliate Marketing step2

02: Contact Affiliate Network

Brand owner reaches out to an affiliate in order to get more visibility and sales

Affiliate Marketing step3

03: Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate advertises the product through diverse marketing campaigns

Affiliate Marketing step4

04: Affiliate Link Activated

Customer clicks an affiliate ad and makes a purchase of product

Affiliate Marketing step5

05: Performance-based Commission

Brand owner pays the affiliate based on performance i.e. when their marketing campaigns convert

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Become our new colleague!

Would you like to be part of our team? – We are happy to receive unsolicited applications. Maybe you have exactly the skills we never knew we needed!

Start by taking a look at our career section:

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