Traffic [ˈtræfɪk]

From italian trafficare ”trade”. The movement of items or information via a publicly accessible space.

Lab [ˈlæb]

Informal of ”laboratory”: a facility that provides controlled conditions in which research and experiments can be performed.

Traffic Lab is an affiliate marketing agency working with all viable channels of online marketing. Our focus is the gambling industry and to deliver high quality players to online casino operators.

Our vision:

To push the boundaries for what the affiliate model has to offer. To be the operators’ preferred partner.

Our mission:

To offer custom tailored solutions for all our clients. To make room for individual development, and experiment with new technologies.

Traffic Lab and affiliate business model

traffic lab logo

Our company has close partnerships with the biggest gambling companies in the world. We use our knowledge and technological skills to advertise their brand to the players, and for this we receive a commission. It basically works like this:

  1. An online casino operator is looking for more players
  2. They enter into an affiliate agreement with us
  3. We promote their brand through multiple marketing channels
  4. Every time a player starts playing online casino through our links, we earn a commission!
    We don’t get anything before we provide the players – Now, that’s fair!

Our marketing channels target players from all around the world.

We don’t like to limit ourselves, and are always on the lookout for smarter ways to do things. It can be through new technologies, smart people, creative marketing channels and everything in between. It’s our urge to be one step ahead all the time!

creative laboratory trafficlab

A creative laboratory in the heart of Copenhagen

Our agency is located in Central Copenhagen, Denmark. We like to keep it nice and informal here at our ”lab”, working together as a team while challenging and inspiring each other’s approach to online marketing. That’s what makes us the best in the business!

If you enjoy hierarchies and strict organization, you probably wouldn’t like working with us. If, on the other hand, you are on the lookout for creative freedom in your work, Traffic Lab can provide the perfect setting for you.

Three of our favorite keywords are:

teamwork trafficlab


It’s all about teamwork. Whether optimizing our sites, our social media marketing or testing new ideas in practice, it is a team effort. It’s more fun and developing that way!

creativity trafficlab


In the Traffic Lab-oratory marketing experiments are carried out all the time. We like to add a unique touch to our marketing. Let the creativity flow!

innovation trafficlab


In online marketing you need to stay innovative to survive. Our company challenges what is possible in online marketing every day. So far it’s worked a treat!

It’s not all work though! We also like to socialize and have a good time! So of course, our office has a lounge with a foosball table and an X-box that comes in handy at our Friday bar. The fun times definitely reflects in our everyday work.

office copenhagen
office copenhagen
office copenhagen
office copenhagen
office copenhagen

We want you to work with us!

Maybe you want to join our team? We always welcome unsolicited applications - maybe you have just the thing our lab needs but haven’t thought of yet.
Start by taking a look at our career section!

office copenhagen
office copenhagen