Performance-driven Marketing


As affiliates, we earn our income through commission paid by the iGaming operators listed on our comparison websites. And through our comparison sites the players get the transparency and information needed in order to choose the iGaming operator they want to play at.

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This is how we do it

Affiliate Marketing in Traffic Lab

The basic affiliate model is commonly used in the iGaming industry. To put it down in 5 simple steps, this is how we work with affiliate marketing at Traffic Lab.

Model of how we work with Affiliate Marketing in Traffic Lab

Step by Step

Step 01: New Product

The iGaming operator wants to promote their product (ex. Bet365).

Step 02: Contact to Affiliate

The iGaming operator engage with the affiliate to get more visibility and sales (ex. Traffic Lab).

Step 03: Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate advertises the product by adding it to it’s comparison websites. The players can now easily find information about the product. In addition, the affiliate also advertises the comparison websites through diverse marketing campaigns and platforms.

Step 04: Affiliate Link Activated

The player clicks on one of the advertisements or directly on the affiliate’s comparison website when they find the iGaming operator they want to play at.

Step 05: Performance-Based Commission

The iGaming operator pays the affiliate based on performance i.e. when the players start using their product.

Affiliate Marketing

"The Affiliation paradigm is giving us a freedom that is rarely seen in marketing. It gives us a constant innovative edge and is the main DNA of Traffic Lab. "


SoMe advertising across platforms

SoMe pioneers within the iGaming industry

Social Media Marketing

We transform data into valuable players. To us, performance has no limits.

As one of the industry leaders of SoMe marketing within the iGaming industry, we put our clients right where they want to be – at their customer’s preferred social platform! Our dedicated team of certified digital marketing specialists uses technology to forecast campaign results and allocate media budgets.

We know that holistic, omnichannel digital marketing strategies are what will drive transformational growth across our clients’ entire businesses.

We are here to set you apart from the competition by focusing on customer-centric campaigns, data-driven decision-making, and relentless testing to stay ahead of the curve.

Our SoMe advertising is highly powerful, performance driven and personalized.

Social Media Marketing

"Increased revenue, profit. With properly executed social media strategy, this is just a click away! "


Supreme conversion rates with E-mail and SMS campaigns

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to converting, retaining and reactivating customers.

At Traffic Lab we continuously generate leads from multiple channels and countries, meaning we have had to build a solid strategy to identify the perfect target groups for each client. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality of content and constantly strive to stay up to date with the latest trends.

We are working extensively with automation, more specifically on generating exciting and personalised user journeys for our customers. This ensures that each lead receives tailored messages in line with their wants and needs. Optimising content to suit the individual gives us supreme conversion rates and ensures the continued satisfaction of our customers.

Direct Marketing

"Direct marketing is by far the most effective tool to connect with leads and turn them into customers. By creating tailored user journeys with relevant, personalized content, we can also ensure a higher retention over time. "


Optimizing SEO on all of our high ranking websites

High ranking websites with consistent optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice of increasing organic web-traffic, essentially by complying with the success criteria of the search engine.

At Traffic Lab, we are experts in ranking on casino-related terms on Google. iGaming is for sure one of the most difficult and competitive areas when it comes to SEO, but we own various comparison sites that rank on numerous top keywords in multiple countries.

Our SEO department constantly follows updates in Google’s algorithms, tracks trending keywords and keeps an eye on competitors. In that way, we get the most effective SEO outcome and make our clients’ brands rank stronger.

It is evident that quality is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor in search engines. We create content that is both engaging to people and Google’s bots. Finding the right compromise between these two audiences is really what it is all about!

Search Engine Optimization

"Success in SEO takes patience. Learn from the competition, keep yourself up to date, trust in what you do, and wait for the results! "


Brand awareness and retention

Display marketing

Most webpages have sections designed for paid advertisement, and though banners may take various forms, you are usually not in doubt that you are looking at a piece of advertisement. Display banners are the billboards of the digital age.

Display campaigns have several advantages. They are great for brand awareness, easy to monitor and measure, and to a large extent, you can design them exactly as you wish.

On the downside, display banners generally have relatively low click rates. However, if you know exactly where to show your ads and the appropriate tricks to optimize them properly, Display Campaigns can be a very powerful retention channel.

At Traffic Lab, we have successfully used display marketing for retargeting existing customers. This gives us tangible results as well as ever more refined customer data.

Display Marketing

"In a competitive market we differentiate ourselves with ’edgy’ quality content. It’s always positive to be different!"


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