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Social Media Marketing

In SoMe marketing you pay social media platforms such as Facebook for advertising your product. Typically you will pay either for impressions (having your ad shown to a number of people). Or per click, that is, every time someone visits your page.

SoMe marketing is a fantastic channel when you wish to advertise your product while simultaneously strengthening your brand recognition and reputation.

Currently Traffic Lab actively promotes brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and there is nothing to suggest that SoMe marketing won’t become increasingly important for us in the future!

SoMe marketing has many opportunities: It is effective for expanding on existing audiences, but equally great for profiling and retargeting. Whether a client wants more direct sales or sign ups for a newsletter, SoMe marketing can be an important part of the solution.

SoMe pixels allow us first-rate tracking, analysis and optimization. In the end this leads to wholesome profits with comparatively modest working budgets. However, our SoMe service has much more to offer our clients than merely a short term boost in customer flow!

Traffic Lab creates comprehensive SoMe strategies to reach the specific goals of our clients. We are experts in setting up SoMe pixels, and can provide the casinos with valuable data on their target group.

One of our big strengths as SoMe managers is the ability to execute a comprehensive SoMe strategy, identifying a clients needs and designing the proper campaign for achieving their goals. In addition SoMe is a very powerful to push out “time limited” campaigns, such as Halloween campaigns, Christmas campaigns and sports matches.

We put our clients right where they want to be – at their customer’s preferred social platforms!

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Increased revenue, profit, and brand equity. With properly executed Social Media strategy, this is just a click away!

– Peter

E-mail Marketing

Most people have encountered e-mail marketing in one form or another, and the majorities of companies advertise their products through newsletters or push messages. It is a powerful marketing channel when it comes to acquiring new customers.

We continuously generate leads from multiple countries and identify the right target groups for our email marketing. If you wish to get your products out to a huge audience, then email marketing is a great choice!

We have a very experienced email marketing team, just waiting for the next brand in line. And with our excellent graphic designers and skilled content writers, we don’t see how the casino operators could wish for a better partner for their email marketing than Traffic Lab.

We have become more specialized over time, developing sub channels and making use of several send-out systems. We have also moved towards a much better lead quality, thanks to the organic traffic coming from our other marketing channels.

In the coming years, we will move towards increasingly qualitative leads in our e-mail marketing. Developing the proper balance between organic and bought leads will be the key to our continued success.

The synergy between organic leads from our other marketing channels and bought contacts gives us supreme conversion rates. Also: We produce beautiful emails – fast!

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We continually diversify and optimize our email content. By means of an ever increasing product portfolio and a better quality of leads, we secure through-the-roof conversion rates!

– Mads


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, a search engine like Google will sort pages according how relevant it believes they are to a search term. The more relevant, the higher the page will figure in search results!

Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice of attempting to influence the judgment of the search engine, essentially by complying with its success criteria. This is done in order to make your page rank better, and thus receive more visitors.

Traffic Lab are experts when it comes to ranking on gambling related terms on Google. Casino is one of the most difficult and competitive branches when it comes to SEO, but we own various online casino sites in multiple countries that rank on top keywords.

Our SEO department constantly follows updates in Google’s algorithms, trending keywords and much more. In that way we get the most effective SEO outcome and make our clients’ brands rank stronger.

Working with online casino from a SEO perspective is different from working with so many other niches, because Google in general view casino sites as ‘spammy’. Getting the right amount of ‘link-juice’ thus require both hard work and cunning. Moreover, the online gambling business is about as competitive as it gets!

In spite of the inherent challenges to our SEO work, we have managed to bring a number of our sites to top positions on the most important keywords during the relatively short life span of the company.

Traffic Lab is among the top SEO contenders in the business. We have a highly productive team and supreme technical facilities that will ensure us continued growth in the future.

We credit our success in SEO to a number of factors, including a well functioning teamwork between SEO and content experts, a sound technical and graphic understanding, and the will to stay up-to-date and test new ideas. Also, a handsome working budget is necessary if you want to reach the top rankings!

It is easy to see that quality is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor in search engines. We create content that is both engaging to people and Google’s bots. Finding the right compromise between these two audiences is really what it is all about!

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Success in SEO takes patience. Learn from the competition, keep yourself up to date, trust in what you do, and wait for the results!

– Kasandra
"In a competitive market we differentiate ourselves with ’edgy’ quality content. It’s always positive to be different!"
– Toke
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Display marketing

You’ve probably seen display adds before. The majority of webpages and blogs have specific areas designed for paid advertisement, and though banners take various forms and dimensions, you are usually not in doubt that you are looking at a piece of commercial.

High visibility is what separates display adds from native ads, which are meant to blend into the surroundings of the display platform, and which are usually is only discernable by the word ”sponsored”. However, display ads may take several other forms than the well-known banner:

  • Rich media are interactive video ads that may pop up when you visit a webpage, or become active when you roll over them with your mouse.
  • Interstitial ads are full screen ads that occur when for example clicking from one page to another.
  • Overlay ads are similar to interstitial ads and must be clicked away. The only difference is that they are transparent and allows you to view the webpage content beneath them.

Display marketing has several advantages. They are very easy to monitor and measure, and you can pretty much create them just the way you like them. On the con side, display marketing generally has very low click rates, but if you know where to show your display ads and optimize them properly, then it is a very powerful retention channel.

At Traffic Lab, we use display ads mainly for retargeting old customers. This is where Display ads have their true power!

Instead of just displaying ads on all kinds of sites without knowing if users are casino interested or not, Traffic Lab use display based on what we know about existing customers. This gives us tangible results as well as even more customer data.

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