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We earn our income by creating comparison technology and websites for iGaming operators. Through our comparison websites the players get the transparency and information needed in order to choose the iGaming operator they want to play at.

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This is how we do it

How affiliate works

The basic affiliate model is commonly used in the iGaming industry. To put it down in 5 simple steps, this is how we work with affiliate marketing at Traffic Lab.

Model of how we work with Affiliate Marketing in Traffic Lab

Step by Step

Step 01: New Product

The iGaming operator wants to promote their product

Step 02: Partnership

The iGaming operator engage with the affiliate to get more visibility

Step 03: Platform

The affiliate adds the product to its comparison websites. The players can now easily find information about the product.

Step 04: Link Activated

The player clicks on the brand of the iGaming operator on the comparison platform.

Step 05: Commission

The iGaming operator pays the affiliate based on performance i.e. when the players start using their product.

Affiliate Marketing

"We have the freedom to constantly innovate, and that is the DNA of Traffic Lab".


Optimizing SEO on all of our high ranking websites

High ranking websites with consistent optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice of increasing organic web-traffic, essentially by complying with the success criterias of the search engines.

At Traffic Lab, we are experts in ranking iGaming related keywords terms on Google. iGaming is for sure one of the most difficult and competitive areas when it comes to SEO, but we have proven ourselves to be able to rank in multiple countries.

Our SEO department constantly follows updates in Google’s algorithms, tracks trending keywords and keeps an eye on competitors. In that way, we get the most effective SEO outcome and make our clients’ brands rank stronger.

It is evident that quality is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor in search engines. We create content that is both engaging to people and Google’s bots. Finding the right compromise between these two audiences is really what it is all about!

Search Engine Optimization

"Success in SEO takes patience. Learn from the competition, keep yourself up to date, trust in what you do, and wait for the results! "


Supreme conversion rates with E-mail campaigns

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to converting, retaining and reactivating customers.

At Traffic Lab we have been successful with building a solid strategy to identify the perfect target groups for each client. We pride ourselves on maintaining a high quality of work and constantly strive to stay up to date with the latest trends.

We are working extensively with automation, more specifically on generating exciting and personalised user journeys for our customers. This ensures that each customer receives tailored messages in line with their wants and needs of our clients. Optimizing content to suit the individual gives a supreme conversion rate and ensures the continued satisfaction of our customers.

Direct Marketing

"Direct Marketing allows us to broaden the reach of Traffic Lab and thereby contribute to an omnichannel approach to marketing. This helps our partners acquire customers in a multitude of markets and increase their ROI. "


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