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Can’t find a suitable job opening at the moment? Don’t worry! If you think that you would be a great asset to our team - please do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application! We are always looking for new talents and experienced workers and you might just have what we need!

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Join the best to be the best!

At Traffic Lab we always strive to do things in our own distinctive way – the Traffic Lab way.

Working at Traffic Lab offers great opportunities for learning and challenging yourself. We are constantly in the process of building unforeseen products and features from scratch. This requires sophisticated technologies, possibility for scalability, specialized staff, and above all - collaboration.

Through our extraordinary work environment and appropriate balance between passion-projects and routine assignments, we secure the foundation for the creativity that makes us best in the industry.

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Space for learning and growth

Stimulating work environment

The inherent freedom of affiliate marketing lays the foundation for a flexible and stimulating work environment within Traffic Lab. We operate with the concept of a flat business structure with minimal bureaucracy, focus on team-achievements, and plenty of space for the individual.

People should be able to follow their passions about and therefore we create room for professional development and career growth. As our new colleague, you will experience quite a bit of freedom when it comes to choosing which projects to work on as well as how to organize your days.

If you favor hierarchies and strict organization, Traffic Lab probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand you are on the lookout for creative freedom in your work and enjoy abundant cross-department cooperation, we can provide the perfect setting.

Space for learning and growth

Wellbeing and good vibes

Wellbeing and a positive work environment are high priorities to us, and we know that happy and healthy employees are also the most creative and effective ones. We consider the great minds of our team as our most valuable asset that we want to continuously invest in.

Thus, we want to provide proper settings for our employees, and our office is fully equipped with stationary computers and ergonomically adjustable working stations for all.

The people make Traffic Lab what it is, and our office culture is a reflection of interests, preferences and personalities of our people. We create the culture together every day.

The Perks we provide


Life here at ‘the lab’ is a pretty relaxed even if we work hard. From social work environment to delicious lunch, health insurance to intense foosball matches, and weekly Friday beers in our beautiful office, we are committed to take care of our people.

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We’re hiring!

Open positions

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If we do not have the right job offer available for you at the moment, we will be glad to receive your unsolicited application. Your skills, knowledge or experience might be a great asset to our company.

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Joining forces is the key to success!


Seeking shared success

Connecting, and creating genuine, long-lasting partnerships based on open dialogue and transparency are in the very core of our business. With our partners we share the unified business goals of creating volumes of quality traffic and increased revenue streams, and we believe that close cooperation - degree of unity- is the key for realizing our joined ambitions.


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Greater than the sum of its parts

Traffic Lab brings together a bunch of diverse individuals with our distinct expertise and passions, ideas and characters, unified by our efforts of working towards creating something exceptional together. Feeding into the phenomenal group dynamics and smooth interaction we aim to create unity amongst different departments and individuals at Traffic Lab. This particular synergy means that Traffic Lab is more powerful as a unit than as the sum of its parts.


Social work and non-competitive environment

Employee development


Creative Freedom

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