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01 TrafficLab News - Update regarding Coronavirus in Denmark

News article published 12th of March 2020

Update regarding Coronavirus in Denmark

As of 11.03.2020, there were 514 cases of contamination with Covid-19 in Denmark. In light of this, the Danish Government has issued guidelines to prevent further spread of the virus. As of now, the guidelines have the following impact on the public:

  • All non-essential public personnel is sent home
  • All public institutions (including schools, institutions, and libraries) are shut down
  • All private businesses are encouraged to send their employees home

Following the recommendations of the Danish Government, Traffic Lab’s office at Bredgade will be shutting down from 12.03.20 to 30.03.20. We continue working from our homes and follow the latest developments.

Fortunately for us, we’re a digital business, and thus in no way as affected as many other Danish businesses are. The majority of us will be able to continue work without any serious obstructions, and we expect to be as responsive as always to our business partners.

We hope that we can all help each other bring this pandemic under control very soon.

Stay healthy everyone!

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