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Here you'll find the latest news on Traffic Lab. As an affiliate business, Traffic Lab regularly attends iGaming conferences across the world. Our colleagues also frequently attend profession-specific conferences in Denmark and abroad. Furthermore, our news page contains updates from office life, such as excerpts from our yearly summer tour or industry press coverage. There's always something happening at Traffic Lab!

News article published 6th of Febuary 2019
TrafficLab News - Game on, London!

Game on, London!

LAC is knocking on our door like a great game of online slots. Traffic Lab is attending this years’ conference in the heart of London, and our sales team is looking forward to catch up with all our great colleagues, friends and partners around the world.

As always, it’s going to be a tight event, but we are happy that so many of you already have taken your time to set up a meeting with us.

There is still time! If you are interested in meeting up with us, you are welcome to send an email to rasmus@trafficlab.dk. We will answer as quickly as free spins last.