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Her finder du seneste nyt om Traffic Lab. Som affiliates deltager Traffic Lab jævnligt i iGaming konferencer verden over. Vi sender også jævnligt kolleger af sted til branche-specifikke konferencer i ind og udland. Vores nyhedsside rummer herudover opdateringer fra livet i virksomheden, såsom uddrag fra den årlige sommertur, eller presseomtale i industrien. Der sker altid noget spændende i Traffic Lab!

Nyhedsartikel - Udgivet 6. februar 2019
TrafficLab News - Game on, London!

Game on, London!

LAC is knocking on our door like a great game of online slots. Traffic Lab is attending this years’ conference in the heart of London, and our sales team is looking forward to catch up with all our great colleagues, friends and partners around the world.

As always, it’s going to be a tight event, but we are happy that so many of you already have taken your time to set up a meeting with us.

There is still time! If you are interested in meeting up with us, you are welcome to send an email to rasmus@trafficlab.dk. We will answer as quickly as free spins last.

Nyhedsartikel - Udgivet 1. februar 2019
TrafficLab News - Up Close and Original

Up Close and Original

We’ve been running around with the arms above our heads this entire Friday, which marks the finish line of a very productive week for our team. Several projects have been brought to a close, but one of the more substantial ones has been the launch of our new website (which you are presumably looking at right now).

As it’s usually the case with Traffic Lab, the building of our new site has been a team effort entirely, with lots of interaction between departments as well as a fair amount of anarchy. But when the end results turn out as spectacular as it does, we think it goes to show that we are really on to something good!

Put in other words, we’re immensely proud of our new website, which reveals an up-close and original portrait of our business and features the finest in craftmanship from several of our colleagues. Feel free to have a look around and learn more about us.

Nyhedsartikel - Udgivet 21. december 2018
TrafficLab News - Year of the Tiger Leap!

Year of the Tiger Leap!

2018 is coming to a close, and with that another amazing year for Team Traffic Lab is ending.

This year our business has taken some true tiger leaps. We have welcomed fourteen new colleagues, while six others have moved on to new challenges. We have also moved into our new offices, and made significant upgrades to our internal structure, product portfolio and overall operation. It’s amazing what can happen in just a year!

2018 has brought us many new friends and partners, and our hard working sales team has attended affiliate conferences in London, Kiev, Hong Kong, and Lisboa. We have also strengthened and developed relations with many existing partners, and we are grateful for the trust that has been shown us in these respects.

A keystone moment of 2018 was our inclusion in EGR’s Power Affiliates top 25 list of 2018. We were ranked as the 18th best affiliate in the business, and this has only made us set our ambitions for the year to come even higher.

The adventure continues in 2019 – see you!
Nyhedsartikel - Udgivet 17. november 2018
TrafficLab News - Óla Lisboa!

Óla Lisboa!

Traffic Lab will be present at the iGB affiliate conference in Lisboa, Portugal, held on the 17th-20th October. It’s the first time that an iGB conference will be held at Lisbon, and our sales team is very excited about this new, sunnier venue.

We are really happy about the great interest people have shown in meeting us at the conference, and we look forward to talking to our many business partners. We hope that the fresh and fair weathered surroundings can help inspire for progressive solutions.

As always, if you are interested in meeting Traffic Lab at an affiliate conference, you are welcome to contact us via the formula here on the website or via Facebook. We will answer at a snap!

Nyhedsartikel - Udgivet 27. september 2018
TrafficLab News - The summer tour was a total success!

The summer tour was a total success!

Once again, Team Traffic Lab went on our yearly summer tour. It was a much larger Team Traffic Lab than last year who bravely ventured out on a perilous quest filled with crazy collegues, good food, games, and a fair amount of beer and booze.

The backdrop for this years summerly sojourn was a mansion in the idyllic Northern part of Zealand, fully equipped with swimming pool, sauna, table tennis and foosball. Here, our team stayed for two nights, socialising, playing games and enjoying BBQ meals prepared by a chef.

The trip was all about having a good time – just having fun and getting to know our collegues better!