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News article published 4th of Febuary 2020
TrafficLab News - Greetings from SEOday 2020!

Greetings from SEOday 2020!

SEO is a complex and volatile field and the competition within the iGaming industry is tough. As a result, our SEO team always makes it a priority to stay updated within their field. For this reason, Claus, Kasandra, and Katarina took a ride to Jutland to participate in SEOday 2020.

The SEOday 2020 conference was held at Comwell in Kolding, Denmark, on the 29th of January 2020. About 350 people from many different companies participated, and more than 20 acknowledged speakers from Denmark and abroad presented their thoughts about the SEO industry in 2020 and beyond.

SEOday has been taking place for some years now. This year’s conference was mainly focused on adapting existing SEO methods and technologies to new challenges and algorithm updates. Furthermore, the event presented practical and strategic examples of SEO business cases.

The main takeaways for our SEO team were:
• Featured snippet & Schema Mark-ups
• SEO Competitor Benchmarking
• TF-IDF analysis
• Internal Linkbuilding