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News article published 31st of January 2020
TrafficLab News - Traffic Lab sells Danish SEO sites

Traffic Lab sells Danish SEO sites

From the 1st of February, Traffic Lab will no longer own their Danish SEO sites after selling them to Game Lounge.

The choice to sell the Danish SEO sites is made to focus on other brands in Traffic Lab’s portfolio. This includes long-standing brands such as www.kasinohai.com and www.casinobernie.com. In addition to expand into new markets such as the United States and Romania.

“The decision to sell our Danish SEO assets has been on the table for some time, as we always try to expand into other profitable markets. The sale will free up more manpower and funds for future projects.” explains CEO & Co-Founder Sebastian Agerskov.

The Danish SEO-sites have achieved great results over the years and rank on several high-value keywords, making them dominant on the Danish market.

“As a Denmark-based company we have always had the Danish market close to our heart and the performance of the sites has been satisfying. However, we believe the future for the company lies outside the Danish borders and we are looking forward to increase our attention on other larger and potentially more profitable markets in and outside of the European union.” He further explains.

The takeover of the Danish SEO-sites will be the 1st of February and Game Lounge will take full control of all assets associated with the websites except existing deals with casino operators.

Traffic Lab is an affiliation company that manages several casino sites across Europe and North America and was recently nominated for the EGR Nordic 2020 Awards.

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