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News article published 20th of November 2019
TrafficLab News - Popcorn and Marketing

Popcorn and Marketing

Last week Mads and Ian from our e-mail and SoMe teams went out to explore what’s moving within the field of eCommerce and attended a whole-day Marketing Brief-event hosted by Emil Kristensen from Sleeknote and Halfdan Timm from Obsidian Digital. This took place in a cinema and attendees could enjoy a cold soda and hot popcorn while expanding their field of knowledge. The event was focused on a wide variety of online marketing aspects and included practical tips and tricks about how to optimize user-experience on websites.

Part of staying on top of our field is to understand the newest trends and always strive to be ahead of the competition. This is exactly why we seize every opportunity when it comes to increasing knowledge within any of the fields that exist in our lab!

The main takeaways for Mads and Ian from the day was:

  • Structure of work processes
    • Optimizing work routines
    • Evaluation of work processes
  • Facebook’s Business Manager configuration
    • Do’s and Dont’s of Facebook’s Business Manager configuration
  • Surveying user experience
    • User cases
    • How to increase conversion
  • New digital marketing trends and Facebook trends