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News article published 31st of October 2019
TrafficLab News - Liberty and Prosperity!

Liberty and Prosperity!

It is with great joy that we can announce that Traffic Lab has just been granted a New Jersey Vendors License. We look forward to exploring this new market and the opportunities that it holds.

When gambling in the US is concerned, Nevada is often the first state that comes to mind, but as far as online casino goes, only New Jersey and Pennsylvania have full legislation. It is worth to mention, however, that since the successful rollout of the New Jersey online gambling market, there has been a strong trend towards liberalization in other states as well.

Facts about New Jersey:

  • 8.9 million residents
  • Highest number of millionaires per capita in all of US (2018)
  • Frank Sinatra was born in New Jersey
  • New Jersey is home to the American football team New York Giants, which holds 4 Super Bowl titles
  • New Jersey’s state motto is “Liberty and Prosperity”