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News article published 10th of October 2019
TrafficLab News - A Gazelle in the Heart of Copenhagen

A Gazelle in the Heart of Copenhagen

As a business it's always nice to get acknowledgement from the corporate world. After all, running a successful organization takes a lot of hard work and dedication!

This year, we’re able to celebrate yet another milestone here at Traffic Lab: We’ve received a Børsen Gazelle Award!

We’re all extremely happy for this recognition of our tremendous growth over the past year, and we can only feel grateful to have our colleagues around us who makes all of this possible.

It’s amazing what we can achieve as a team!

About Børsen Gazelle 2019

  • A Gazelle is a company that, during four financial years each year, has seen positive growth and, overall, at least doubled its turnover over the four years.
  • The final winner of the competition will be chosen on the 10th of December 2019.
  • You can read more about the Gazelle here (page is in Danish)

To Roam freely

There’s no doubt for us that this year’s Gazelle Award will be the first leap of many for our business. Like the gazelle, however, we like to roam freely. There are no external investors in Traffic Lab, and no growth targets or annual cycles.

We prefer to see our growth as nothing more than pleasant bi-effect being an innovative business with a strong company culture – but pleasant it is!