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News article published 1313th of September 2019
TrafficLab News - A Special Call from Ernst & Young

A Special Call from Ernst & Young

Our CEO Sebastian received a phone call from non-other than the multinational accounting firm Ernst & Young. Fortunately, it was nothing but great news!

As one of the few companies in Denmark, Traffic Lab has been nominated for the prestigious award as Entrepreneur of the Year. This is not only a tremendous pat on our shoulder, but also a recognition of our unique business culture and way of life.

We hope that we will qualify for the next round in the competition and get a step closer to the award. However, no matter the outcome, this is certainly a source of motivation for the future to come, and a recognition that we are heading in the right direction.

About E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year

• Entrepreneur of the Year is the largest competition for growth companies in the world.
• The winner is chosen on behalf of several parameters such as values, leadership and economic growth.
• The company must have experienced at least 15% growth in turnover or gross profit compared to the previous fiscal year.
• The final winner of the competition will be chosen on the 28th of November 2019.

Keep your fingers crossed and your fists bumping for us!