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News article published 19th of June 2019
TrafficLab News - PHP super heroes!

PHP super heroes!

Daniel and Wayand from Traffic Lab’s tech team recently took a trip to Berlin where they participated in the International PHP Conference (IPC) on 03-07 June 2019.

In between enjoying the sunny Berlin streets and networking at the conference, Daniel and Wayand had the opportunity to participate in code-workshops and enjoy talks on PHP and MySQL from more than 50 speakers and experts. The magic of open-source programming is still alive!

About the IPC 2019

The International PHP Conference was originally the world’s first conference on PHP, and it’s still by far the largest. Using WordPress for a lot of our sites, of course Traffic Lab didn’t wanna miss out!

The IPC 2019 was primarily concerned with PHP, web development, JavaScript, Web architecture, performance and security. Besides from this, the ticket to IPC also granted access to the Webinale conference on web development and UX Design. What’s not to like??


While the IPC 2019 did not have any specific overall theme (other than PHP programming, of course), there were topics from that Daniel and Wayand found particularly interesting. These included:

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) updates
  • Recent additions to MySQL
  • Talks on how to secure your API with JSON Web Tokens
Of course, another big subject of the IPC was the release of the alpha 1 version of PHP 7.4.0 which is expected to make PHP perform significantly faster. Exciting times are ahead!