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We Provide the Players!

Traffic Lab is an affiliate business working with all viable channels of online marketing. Our focus is the gambling industry and to deliver high quality players to online casinos worldwide.

Our Vision:

To push the boundaries for what the affiliate model has to offer. To be the preferred partner of the casinos.

Our Mission:

To offer custom tailored solutions for all our partners and develop new marketing channels. To foster a creative and innovative work environment through job satisfaction and well-being.

Go go Frederik!

A Creative Laboratory in the Heart of Copenhagen

Traffic Lab employs a host of digital experts, from programmers and graphic designers, to SEO experts and data analysts. Our portfolio encompasses casino comparison sites, technical solutions, and a never-ending flow of SoMe, E-mail and Display campaigns through multiple channels worldwide.

Our office is located at Bredgade in the center of Copenhagen. We like to keep it nice and informal here at ‘the lab’, both colleagues and departments in between. We work together as a team while inspiring and challenging each other in our approach to online marketing. This is how we develop the solutions that makes us the best in the industry.

Our Values



Whether it's a matter of optimizing our websites, creating new SoMe campaigns or testing out new products, it's a team effort. In this way it all becomes more fun as well as more evolving!



In our laboratory we love to try out new things. We are constantly experimenting with new technologies and always strive to put a unique mark on our products. Everyone’s ideas are heard and valued regardless of their job title.



Wellbeing and job satisfaction have high priority for us. The key word is ‘balance’ both when it comes to passion projects and routine tasks, as well as to work life and time off. We encourage a balanced lifestyle through proper physical settings and a positive work environment.

Our Own Greatest Driving Force

Traffic Lab maintains partnership with many of the world’s leading gambling companies through affiliate marketing. We use our knowledge and technical expertise to get their brand into the hands of the players, and generate our income mainly through revenue share.

The affiliate model allows us a gracious amount of freedom in our work. We decide which projects we want to work on and how we want to approach them. There are no deadlines coming from outside and no external clients dictating our everyday. In this manner we are our own greatest driving force.

Tech and SEO
Graphics and SoMe

An Outstanding Work Environment

The inherent freedom of affiliate marketing lays the foundation for a flexible and stimulating work environment within Traffic Lab. We operate with the concept of a flat business structure with minimal bureaucracy, focus on team-achievements, and plenty of space for the individual.

If you enjoy hierarchies and strict organization, you probably won’t like working at Traffic Lab. If on the other hand you are on the lookout for creative freedom in your work, we can provide the perfect setting for you.

You can read more about Traffic Lab and our business structure below the heading ‘about us’.